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Spring 2023  /  Magazine Issues

Issue 212: A New Dawn for Climate Legislation

A Note from RFF’s President about Resources issue 212:

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA)—passed and signed into law in 2022—creates an enormous set of incentives that stand to reshape the US energy and manufacturing sectors and reduce emissions. Looking toward the future, the implementation of the IRA, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, and the Creating Helpful Incentives to Produce Semiconductors and Science Act will unfold over several years and will be critical areas of focus for researchers at Resources for the Future (RFF). Given that the IRA is a mix of incentive-based strategies, many of its components must be evaluated on an ongoing basis to assess their effectiveness in reducing emissions—and RFF will help in this analysis by identifying ways to improve and complement the strategies that these policies have put in place.

We began these efforts in earnest even before the bill passed. Since the passage of the IRA last August, RFF has contributed to the implementation process with related reports, blog posts, public comments, podcast episodes, collaborations on state implementation, and more. Take a look through this issue of Resources, which features

Alongside these historic developments, RFF continues to tackle our other important ongoing work. Read the articles of this magazine for

You’ll also get important insights about

RFF’s concerted efforts account for multiple aspects of energy, environmental, and economic progress, particularly in the context of the historic climate actions that are now underway. Just by reading this magazine, you’ve joined us in a journey toward climate solutions that we’re hoping to navigate with the broadest community possible.

Richard G. Newell
President and CEO, Resources for the Future