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Big Decisions: The Future of US Environmental and Energy Policy

Richard Newell, Susan Tierney, Jody Freeman, Paula Glover, Amy Harder, Jeffrey R. Holmstead, and Mary D. Nichols

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Plugging Orphaned Oil and Gas Wells: What We Know and Need to Know

Daniel Raimi

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Decarbonizing Global Industry

Jeffrey Rissman, Ellie Macchi Barber, and James Round

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A Climate Resilience Road Map for the New Administration

Carolyn Kousky

Navigating Water Ways graphic

Navigating the Waters of the United States

Cole Martin

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How Permanently Can One Presidential Administration Impact Environmental Policy?

Arthur G. Fraas and Richard D. Morgenstern

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More from the Climate Insights 2020 Survey

Jon A. Krosnick, Bo MacInnis, and Jared McDonald

Elaine Dorward King with baby sea turtle

The Best Work Gets Done in Partnership

Elaine Dorward-King


What’s at the Top of Your Stack?

Kristin Hayes and Daniel Raimi

Resources Fur the Future - Taco

Resources Fur the Future

Kate Leary, Sarah Tung, Anne McDarris, Richard Newell, Steven Witkin, and Carolyn Mollen


Policy Options for Oil and Gas Leasing Reform on Federal Lands and Waters

Brian Prest

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Climate Insights 2020 Survey

Jon A. Krosnick and Bo MacInnis

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Dismantling Dams Can Help Address US Infrastructure Problems

Margaret A. Walls and Vincent Gonzales

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Legislative Strategy for Durable Climate Policy

Dallas Burtraw, Marc Hafstead, and Kevin Rennert

Just Transition - Illustration

Jobs, Equity, and Efficiency: Reconciling Priorities in a Transition to a Clean Energy Economy

Daniel Raimi

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Carbon Taxes Do Not Harm Jobs or Economic Growth

Gilbert Metcalf and James Stock

Underwriting Ecosystems hero image

Underwriting Ecosystems: Using Insurance Policies to Conserve Nature

Cole Martin

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Space: The Next Great Market Opportunity

Michael Toman and Kristin Hayes

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Puns That Only Resources for the Future Could Love

Sarah Tung and Hillary Alvaré

Larry Linden

Addressing a Global Crisis with Good Science and Sound Policy

Lawrence Linden