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Episode 182

70 Years of RFF: Looking Ahead with Young Economists at Resources for the Future
Episode 181

70 Years of RFF: A Day in the Life at Resources for the Future, with RFF Staff
Episode 180

70 Years of RFF: The Legacy of Resources for the Future, with Ray Kopp and Kerry Smith
Episode 179

Getting to the Bottom of the Barrel: Understanding Volatile Oil Markets, with Helima Croft
Episode 178

The History of the Defense Production Act in the Energy Sector, with Ty Priest
Episode 177

Ports and Parts: Building a US Offshore Wind Supply Chain, with Matt Shields
Episode 176

Logging into the Deep History of Climate, with Erika Wise
Episode 175

2021: Carbon Markets in Recovery, with Stefano De Clara
Episode 174

Something’s Fishy: A Deep Dive into Seafood Mislabeling, with Kailin Kroetz
Episode 173

Fitting Behavior and Politics into Climate Models, with Fran Moore
Episode 172

Magnetized Concrete: the Future of Electric Vehicle Charging?, with Nadia Gkritza
Episode 171

Managing the Commons: Insights from Elinor Ostrom, with Erik Nordman
Episode 170

Building a Carbon Trading System in New York City, with Danielle Spiegel-Feld
Episode 169

Prospects for the California Emissions Market, with Dallas Burtraw
Episode 168

New Insights about Uber’s Impacts on Air Pollution, with Luis Sarmiento
Episode 167

Untangling the Wires in Electricity Market Planning, with Kate Konschnik
Episode 166

Building Walls or Bridges? Economic Development and Technological Change, with Glenn Hubbard
Episode 165

California Crude: Seeking a Just Transition in the Golden State, with Kyle Meng
Episode 164

Sunken Treasures? Rising Waters and Historic Preservation, with Rodney Rowland
Episode 163

Integrating Air Pollution Impacts into Climate Policy, with Lara Aleluia Reis
Episode 162

2021 Year in Review: Energy and Environmental Policy, with Jennifer Haverkamp and Sarah Ladislaw
Episode 161

Big Dollars, Big Rewards? The Roles of Prizes in Driving Innovation, with Zorina Khan
Episode 160

Barriers and Solutions to Growing the Grid, with Paul Joskow
Episode 159

Smarter Thermostats, Lower Bills, and Lower Emissions, with Casey Wichman