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A weekly podcast that features interviews with researchers and leading experts about climate change, energy, ecosystems, and more.

Resources Radio Archive

Episode 127

Exploring the Energy Transition on Tribal Lands, with Pilar Thomas
Episode 126

Problems Cropping Up? The Historical Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture, with Ariel Ortiz-Bobea
Episode 125

A Conversation about the Civilian Conservation Corps, with Neil Maher
Episode 124

Playing God with the Nature of the Future, with Elizabeth Kolbert
Episode 123

Giving a Fair Shot to Energy Workers and Communities in Transition, with Wesley Look and Daniel Raimi
Episode 122

Progress Amid the Pandemic: Carbon Markets in 2020, with William Acworth
Episode 121

Space, Satellites, and Society: New Tools for Policymakers, with Danielle Wood
Episode 120

Assessing Pathways to a Net-Zero Energy System, with Erin Mayfield
Episode 119

Illuminating the Future of Electric Power in the United States, with Karen Palmer
Episode 118

Updates to the Social Cost of Carbon, with Kevin Rennert
Episode 117

Shedding Light on Electricity Blackouts, with Severin Borenstein
Episode 116

Assessing the Promise and Peril of Wood Pellet Products, with Francisco X. Aguilar
Episode 115

Hug a Bus: How Cities Are Tackling Climate Change, with David Miller
Episode 114

Can the Oil and Gas Industry Lead on Climate?, with Tisha Schuller
Episode 113

Tracing the Historical Arc of US Climate Policy, with David Hawkins
Episode 112

Defining, Measuring, and Addressing Energy Poverty, with Tony Reames
Episode 111

Gambling on the Growth of Global Emissions, with Ken Caldeira and Ted Nordhaus
Episode 110

What Counts as an “Environmental” Issue?, with Neil Lewis Jr.
Episode 109

So Long, 2020! Reviewing Energy and Environmental Policy, with Sarah Ladislaw and Barry Rabe
Episode 108

Rare Earths 101: Digging Up the Facts, with Jordy Lee