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Wrapping Up RFF’s Resources Radio series: What Lies Ahead on the Road to Vehicle Electrification

Kristin Hayes

May 23, 2024


Reducing Power Plant Pollution: An Overview of Recent Federal Emissions Rules

Brad Harris

May 22, 2024


Advanced Economic Modeling Can Support the Transition to Electric Vehicles

Nafisa Lohawala, Joshua Linn, and Beia Spiller

May 20, 2024


A Guide to Improving Electricity Affordability

Brad Harris

May 6, 2024


A CEO’s Farewell: Richard G. Newell Reflects on His Years Leading Resources for the Future

Matt Fleck, Elizabeth Wason, and Richard G. Newell

April 25, 2024


Why Are Electric School Buses So Expensive?

Beia Spiller

April 22, 2024


Assessing China’s New Nationwide Effort to Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Lawrence H. Goulder, Xianling Long, Chenfei Qu, and Da Zhang

April 18, 2024


After the Pause: Understanding the Economic, Environmental, and Geopolitical Implications of Increased US Liquefied Natural Gas Exports

Daniel Raimi, Alan Krupnick, Joshua Linn, Richard D. Morgenstern, William Pizer, Brian C. Prest, and Suzanne Russo

April 17, 2024


There’s a Better Way to Mine for Electric Vehicle Batteries

Beia Spiller and Sangita Kannan

March 29, 2024


Feedbacks between Emissions Markets and Political Outcomes: A Case Study of Washington State’s Cap-and-Trade Program

Brian C. Prest

March 22, 2024


Climate and Trade in a World of Resurgent Industrial Policy

Milan Elkerbout, Katarina Nehrkorn, and William Pizer

March 15, 2024


Speeding Up Solar Projects: Siting Review under the National Environmental Policy Act

Arthur G. Fraas

March 12, 2024


Living with Wildfire: Adapting to the New Normal

Ann Bartuska and Alex Beehler

March 12, 2024


Critical Minerals for Electric Vehicles: What You Need to Know

Beia Spiller, Sangita Kannan, and Michael A. Toman

March 7, 2024


Modeling Deep Decarbonization in the Industrial Sector: Opportunities and Challenges for Modelers and Policymakers

Marc Hafstead and Lillian Anderson

Feb. 22, 2024


How a Tax Incentive for Clean Energy in the Inflation Reduction Act Could Affect Low-Income Communities

Suzanne Russo

Feb. 8, 2024


Accurately Quantifying “Super-Emitting” Leaks Is Key for the Methane Fee to Be Effective

Brian C. Prest

Feb. 6, 2024


Verification Standards for Carbon Offsets: Breaking Down the New Proposed Guidance

Alex Rau, Marc Hafstead, and Matt Fleck

Feb. 2, 2024


White House Rule on Clean Water Act in 2020 Dramatically Deregulated Waters of the United States

Hannah Druckenmiller and Joseph Shapiro

Jan. 31, 2024


Bill That Would Help Track Emissions Associated with Traded Goods Receives Bipartisan Support

Marc Hafstead and Kevin Rennert

Jan. 23, 2024


Unpacking the Proposed Guidance on the 45V Tax Credit for Clean Hydrogen

Aaron Bergman

Jan. 18, 2024


A Tale of Two Highway Plans

Beia Spiller and Suzanne Russo

Jan. 17, 2024


The Future of Solar Geoengineering Research

Tyler Felgenhauer and William Pizer

Jan. 17, 2024


Takeaways from the COP28 Climate Conference

Milan Elkerbout, Kristin Hayes, Richard G. Newell, William Pizer, and Matt Fleck

Dec. 18, 2023