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The Potential of Hydrogen for Decarbonization: Evaluating Zero-Carbon “Green” Hydrogen Against Renewable and Nuclear Power

Jay Bartlett and Alan Krupnick


Make Recovery Easier: A Road Map for the New Administration

Carolyn Kousky

Power lines photo - Ricardo Gomez Angel / Unsplash

Should Utilities Manage How Your Appliances Use Energy?

Tim Brennan


Climate Consensus across Continents: Opinions in China, Sweden, and the United States Increasingly Align

Cole Martin and Lauren Dunlap


The Potential of Hydrogen for Decarbonization: Evaluating Low-Carbon “Blue” Hydrogen Against End-Use CCUS

Jay Bartlett and Alan Krupnick


How Permanently Has the Outgoing Administration Impacted Environmental Policy?

Arthur G. Fraas and Richard D. Morgenstern


Considerations for Benefit-Cost Analysis under the Biden Administration

Alan Krupnick

2020 year illustration - option 2

Hindsight 20/20: RFF’s Top 11 Stories from 2020

Resources Staff


Is Regulation or Legislation More Durable? With Climate Policy, the Answer Is Not So Simple

Dallas Burtraw


Cash for Clunkers 2.0: Targeting Scrappage Subsidies to Cut Costs

Joshua Linn


The New Benefit-Cost Rule: Less than Meets the Eye

Alan Krupnick and Arthur G. Fraas


Evidence from Wildfire Events in the Western United States Reveals Inequalities in Wildfire Management

Matthew Wibbenmeyer


Legal Risk Hangs over Biden’s Climate Plans

Nathan Richardson


Ecological and Economic Implications of the US Wood Pellet Industry

Francisco X. Aguilar, Elizabeth Wason, and Cole Martin

Electric vehicle charging

Moving the Needle on Electric Vehicle Market Share

Joshua Linn


Biden’s Regulatory Agenda Will Go through the Clean Air Act

Alan Krupnick

Landrieu sm.png

Clean Energy and Climate Legislation: RFF’s Policy Leadership Series with Mary Landrieu

Mary Landrieu, Richard Newell, and Elizabeth Wason

Fishing boat

The Environmental Threat Posed by Mislabeled Seafood

Kailin Kroetz


“Green” Bonds: Potential for the Marketplace to Reflect the Value of Environmental Goods

Richard Bernknopf

Man in propane tank

Equitable Transition to a Low-Emissions Future: Public Benefits Programs

Molly Robertson