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Federal Policy and New Mexico’s Energy Communities

Zachary Whitlock and Daniel Raimi

Oct. 23, 2023

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A First Look at the Hydrogen Hubs Decisions

Alan Krupnick, Aaron Bergman, Lucie Bioret, Yuqi Zhu, and Katarina Nehrkorn

Oct. 19, 2023

Nevada Smokestacks 139524797.png

Achieving the Paris Agreement Temperature Targets Would Yield Major Global Economic Benefits

Jordan Wingenroth, Brian C. Prest, and Kevin Rennert

Jan. 12, 2024


Designing Climate Policy for the Electricity Sector

Karen Palmer and Robert Stavins

Sept. 28, 2023

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Financing Investments in Climate Resilience: A New Approach

Margaret A. Walls

Sept. 27, 2023


Rethinking the Value of a Statistical Life

Emily Joiner

Sept. 21, 2023


Fostering a Low-Carbon Future with the Oil and Gas Industry

Richard G. Newell and Tisha Schuller

Sept. 7, 2023


Critical Minerals: Insights from a Recent Workshop

Beia Spiller and Michael A. Toman

Aug. 30, 2023


Reviewing the Possible Approaches to Subsidize Hydrogen Demand

Aaron Bergman and Alan Krupnick

Aug. 22, 2023


What Have We Learned About the Inflation Reduction Act, One Year After the Law’s Passage?

Aaron Bergman, Alan Krupnick, Joshua Linn, Nafisa Lohawala, Richard G. Newell, Karen Palmer, Daniel Raimi, Nicholas Roy, and Beia Spiller

Aug. 21, 2023


The Future of the Waters of the United States after Sackett v. US Environmental Protection Agency

Sheila M. Olmstead and Matt Fleck

Aug. 18, 2023


The Department of Energy Wants to Spend $1 Billion to Support Hydrogen Demand. Is That a Good Idea?

Aaron Bergman and Alan Krupnick

Aug. 8, 2023


Evaluating Perceptions and Outcomes of Supplemental Environmental Projects

Pamela Campa and Lucija Muehlenbachs

Aug. 2, 2023


Far-Reaching Smoke Is Raising the Costs of Wildfire Damages

Matthew Wibbenmeyer

July 26, 2023


45V Hydrogen Tax Credit in the Inflation Reduction Act: Evaluating Emissions and Costs

Aaron Bergman

July 14, 2023


New Proposed Emissions Standards for Passenger Vehicles: Who Benefits the Most?

Joshua Linn

July 5, 2023

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Financing the Energy Transition: RFF’s Policy Leadership Series

Jigar Shah, Richard G. Newell, and Elizabeth Wason

June 29, 2023


Power-Sector Pollution Targeted by New Regulations from the US Environmental Protection Agency

Karen Palmer and Matt Fleck

Jan. 11, 2024


Geeking Out on Geography: Mapping the Effects of the Coastal Barrier Resources Act

Alexandra Thompson

Jan. 11, 2024


How Much Do Regulations for Fuel Economy and Emissions Incentivize the Production of Larger Vehicles?

Joshua Linn

June 9, 2023


Disclosing Wildfire Risks in Home Sales

Emily Joiner, Lala Ma, Margaret A. Walls, Matthew Wibbenmeyer, and Connor Lennon

Jan. 11, 2024


Presenting RFF Data Commons: A Way to Tell Accessible Stories with Data

Hannah Druckenmiller and Matthew Wibbenmeyer

May 10, 2023


Looking Back to Assess How Well Environmental Regulations Work

Arthur G. Fraas and Richard D. Morgenstern

May 10, 2023


Climate-Smart Economies: Coordinating Economic Development with Resilience Planning

Sophie Pesek, Yanjun (Penny) Liao, and Margaret A. Walls

May 4, 2023