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The Forests All around Us: Making Green Infrastructure Available to Everyone

Ann Bartuska

truck snowy road

Eliminating Transportation Sector Emissions: Don’t Forget Trucks

Joshua Linn


Equitable Transition to a Low-Emissions Future: Federal Support for a Workforce in Transition

Wesley Look


One Year of COVID: Have We Learned Anything from Prior Pandemics?

Cole Martin


Putting Energy Projections into Context with RFF’s Global Energy Outlook and Benchmark IPCC Scenarios

Seth Villanueva and Daniel Raimi

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Can Public Transit Survive COVID and Compete with Uber? A Look at Long-Term Ridership Trends

Joshua Linn

texas snow powerlines

What Happened in Texas? Understanding the Blackouts and Drawing Lessons for the Power Grid

Karen Palmer and Kathryne Cleary


A New Administration Brings Major Changes to Federal Climate Policy

Robert Stavins and Daniel Esty

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The Potential of Hydrogen for Decarbonization: Reducing Emissions in Iron and Steel Production

Jay Bartlett and Alan Krupnick


Three Approaches to Investing in Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

Joshua Linn

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Estimating the Value of NOAA’s Digital Coast

Kathryne Cleary and Alan Krupnick

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The Potential of Hydrogen for Decarbonization: Reducing Emissions in Oil Refining and Ammonia Production

Jay Bartlett and Alan Krupnick


Striking Down the Affordable Clean Energy Rule Helps—But Does Not Guarantee—Ambitious Climate Policy

Nathan Richardson, Dallas Burtraw, and Tim Brennan


Science-Based Estimates for the Social Cost of Carbon Will Underpin Sound Climate Policy

Richard Newell and Maureen L. Cropper

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Restoring National Monuments: The Economics Say Yes

Margaret A. Walls and Paul Jakus


President Biden Can Confront Threats to Nature by Deploying a New Ecosystem Restoration Corps

Carolyn Kousky


The Potential of Hydrogen for Decarbonization: Evaluating Zero-Carbon “Green” Hydrogen Against Renewable and Nuclear Power

Jay Bartlett and Alan Krupnick


Make Recovery Easier: A Road Map for the New Administration

Carolyn Kousky

Power lines photo - Ricardo Gomez Angel / Unsplash

Should Utilities Manage How Your Appliances Use Energy?

Tim Brennan


Climate Consensus across Continents: Opinions in China, Sweden, and the United States Increasingly Align

Cole Martin and Lauren Dunlap