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A weekly podcast that features interviews with researchers and leading experts about climate change, energy, ecosystems, and more.

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Episode 83

How COVID-19 Has Powered Down the US Economy, with Steve Cicala
Episode 82

The Challenge of Diversity in the Environmental Movement, with Dorceta Taylor
Episode 81

Space: The Next Great Market Opportunity, with Michael Toman
Episode 80

Growing the Power Grid in Africa, with Todd Moss
Episode 79

Adding Subtraction to the Climate Toolkit: Discussing Carbon Dioxide Removal with Wil Burns
Episode 78

Decarbonizing Global Industry, with Jeffrey Rissman
Episode 77

China’s Emerging Policies for Emissions Reductions, with Dick Morgenstern
Episode 76

Reflecting on Solar Geoengineering, with David Keith
Episode 75

Going Deep on Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS), with Julio Friedmann
Episode 74

Is the Trump Administration Ditching WOTUS?, with Ellen Gilinsky
Episode 73

Lessons from 50 Years of the Clean Air Act, with Maureen Cropper
Episode 72

Has Good Benefit-Cost Analysis Been Swept under the MATS?, with Mary Evans and Matthew Kotchen
Episode 71

The Value of a Statistical Life and Coronavirus, with Alan Krupnick
Episode 70

A Status Report on Global Emissions Trading, with Stephanie La Hoz Theuer
Episode 69

Do National Monuments Help or Hinder Local Economies?, with Margaret Walls
Episode 68

Oil Markets in the Time of COVID-19, with Amy Myers Jaffe
Episode 67

Managing Flood Risk under Climate Change, with Carolyn Kousky
Episode 66

The Economics of Environmental Justice, with Samuel Stolper and Catherine Hausman
Episode 65

Which Climate Path Are We On?, with Zeke Hausfather
Episode 64

On the Job with Florida’s First Chief Resilience Officer, Julia Nesheiwat