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Top of the Stack issue 205

What’s at the Top of Your Stack?

Kristin Hayes and Daniel Raimi

Looking back at 50 years_James Round

Looking Back at 50 Years of the Clean Air Act of 1970

Joseph E. Aldy, Maximilian Auffhammer, Maureen L. Cropper, Richard D. Morgenstern, and Arthur G. Fraas

Lessons from the Clean Air Act_Yukai Du

Lessons from the Clean Air Act

Cole Martin and Yukai Du

EPA economics for website.jpg

A Half Century of Economics at EPA

Richard D. Morgenstern


The Rise and Fall of Clean Air Act Climate Policy

Nathan Richardson

Pollution and GDP_James Round

Pollution and GDP

Nicholas Z. Muller and Daniel Raimi

Satellites space_James Round

Satellites Can Supplement the Clean Air Act’s Land-Based Air Monitoring Network

Alan Krupnick

Vietman War GS.jpg

Confronting Future Environmental Challenges

Allen V. Kneese

Power Plant Worker GS (1).jpg

Market-Based Approaches to Environmental Policy: A “Refresher” Course

Paul R. Portney


What’s at the Top of Your Stack?

Kristin Hayes and Daniel Raimi


Team of Economists Calls Out Flawed Methods Applied to Justify MATS Rollbacks

Karen Palmer and Elizabeth Wason

solar panels + power plant

Confronting a New Future of Environmental Challenges

Paul R. Portney

Vermilion Cliffs National Monument_203 cover photo

National Monuments Can Boost the Economy in the American West

Elizabeth Wason and Matthew Ashenfarb

Plant inspections_hero image

Plants, Pests, and Perfecting Inspection Models

Cole Martin

Michael Driver illustration

The Earth’s Vulnerable Species

Elizabeth Wason


Satellite Data Can Inform Water Policy

Yusuke Kuwayama


Florida Climate Outlook

Daniel Raimi, Amelia Keyes, and Cora Kingdon

Ya-Wei (Jake) Li with snake

Is the Endangered Species Act under Threat?

Ya-Wei (Jake) Li and Daniel Raimi


It’s a Good Time for Women to Win the Nobel Prize

Catherine Wolfram and Elizabeth Wason

RGGI hero image

A Blueprint for Durable Climate Policy: The Evolution of RGGI

Paul Picciano