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October 2020  /  Magazine Issues

Issue 205: The Climate Insights 2020 Survey

A Note from RFF’s President about Resources issue 205:

The year to date has included the commemoration of a half century of major environmental landmarks: the Clean Air Act of 1970, the US Environmental Protection Agency, and Earth Day. We’re also living in times unprecedented for recent generations of people, with a pandemic that has riven the global economy, farmers hit with both drought and derecho, widespread wildfires, and flooding. Come November, we face an election that—unlike any in recent memory—will impact the future of environmental and energy legislation and regulation.

As such, this issue of Resources features survey results that detail American attitudes about climate change. In its 23rd year, the climate survey continues as a collaboration between researchers at Stanford University and Resources for the Future, along with survey research firm ReconMR. The survey results show that attitudes about climate change have stayed consistent, and the passionate group of people who prioritize climate change mitigation has grown—all in spite of a pandemic that easily could have pushed environmental concerns out of mind as people focused on other crises.

Alongside individual attitudes and behaviors, policy decisions matter greatly for most environmental and economic issues.

Read on, reflect, and be resilient.

Richard G. Newell
President and CEO, Resources for the Future